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Steel Mesh Reinforcement Products List

Trench Mesh

Used for reinforcing footing beams in narrow places, our 6m trench meshes with 0.2 - 0.5m width can be applied in different constructions.

Trench Mesh Spacer

Trench mesh spacer is an efficient way to form a rigid cage for foundation, reinforcing the whole strength of trench mesh.

Reinforcing Welded Mesh

Square and rectangular reinforcing welded meshes are commonly used to firm structure conveniently which improves efficiency of whole construction.

Reinforcing Mesh Cage

Great flexibility in use, various types of steel reinforcement cages are made to strengthen longitudinal and transverse force.

Masonry Mesh

Masonry mesh is widely used for brick wall reinforcement, for its various shape - ladder, truss or T, it provides resistance to wall shrinkage cracking.


Ligatures are commonly used with trench mesh or rebars, to form a cage or column, which can enhance the compressive strength in concrete construction.

Rebar Support

Various types rebar supports: individual rebar chair or with plate, beam bolster or upper, widely used for reinforcement in concrete construction.

Reinforcing Steel Bar

Reinforcing steel bar is widely used in concrete construction as a building material for reinforcing concrete structures, for concrete lacks of tension.

Tie Wire

Tie wire plays an important role in concrete construction for tying and fixing steel bars. It provides a reinforcing link for steel bars.