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Two Shapes of Reinforcing Welded Meshes

Reinforcing welded mesh, manufactured from 500MPa wire grade L, is usually used for concrete reinforcing. As concrete is weak in tension, applications of reinforcing welded mesh minimize the cracking on the surface of concrete in construction. Deformed or plain bars are welded in longitudinal and transverse directions to form different shapes of apertures, which mainly form square reinforcing mesh and rectangular reinforcing mesh. For square welded mesh, longitudinal and transverse wires support the whole strength at the same time, while for rectangular welded mesh, longitudinal wire is the supporting one.


  • Reinforcing welded mesh is manufactured in sheets and rolls, which makes the installation process quick and simple, and it saves time and binding wires.
  • Its ribbed profile improves bonding to concrete elements, improving stress distribution, crack resistance, and strengthening stability of the construction.
  • The reinforcing mesh can be designed according to the project requirement, which reduce the material and labor cost and improve the efficiency of the whole construction.
  • It has great corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Material and surface treatment
Low-carbon iron wire, steel bar, rebar wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire (electronic galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized), black iron wire, etc.


  • The standard sizes for square and rectangular sheets and rolls are:
    • Sheets: 6m (length) × 2.4m (width) =14.4m2.
    • Rolls: 60m (length) × 2.4m=144m2.
  • Wire diameter: 4mm to 40mm.
Square mesh schematic diagram
Square welded mesh
Product code Standard Unit Longitudinal wires (mm) Cross Wires (mm) Edge Wires (mm) Weight (kg)
SWM81 Sheet 7.60@100 7.60@100 7.60@100 105
SWM102 Sheet 9.50@200 9.50@200 6.75@100 80
SWM92 Sheet 8.60@200 8.60@200 6.00@100 66
SWM82 Sheet 7.60@200 7.60@200 5.37@100 52
SWM72 Sheet 6.75@200 6.75@200 4.77@100 41
SWM62 Sheet 6.00@200 6.00@200 4.77@100 33
SWM52 Sheet 5.00@200 5.00@200 4.77@100 21
Notes: Take S8100 for example, SWM stands for square welded mesh, 8 is the diameter of main wires, 200 is the spacing of the bars.
rectangular mesh schematic diagram
Rectangular welded mesh
Product code Standard Unit Longitudinal wires (mm) Cross Wires (mm) Edge Wires (mm) Weight (kg)
RWM71 Sheet 6.75@100 7.60@200 N/A 68
RWM81 Sheet 7.60@100 7.60@200 N/A 79
RWM91 Sheet 8.55@100 7.60@200 N/A 93
RWM101 Sheet 9.50@100 7.60@200 N/A 109
RWM111 Sheet 10.65@100 7.60@200 N/A 131
RWM121 Sheet 11.90@100 7.60@200 N/A 157
Notes: RWM stands for rectangular welded mesh, Other sizes of sheets are available: 4.80m × 2.4m, 3.6m × 2m, 2m × 4m. Cross wire diameter can also be 6.75mm.
Many rectangular reinforcing welded meshes without ribbed profile
Many plain rectangular reinforcing welded meshes
Many plain square reinforcing welded meshes stacked up
Many plain square reinforcing welded meshes
Many square reinforcing meshes piled up with ribbed profile
Many square reinforcing welded meshes with ribbed profile
Many ribbed rectangular reinforcing welded meshes piled together
Many rectangular reinforcing welded meshes piled together
A pile of welded mesh sheets
Reinforcing welded mesh can be made in sheets
A roll of reinforcing welded mesh
Reinforcing mesh made in roll shape

In bulk, carton, pallet, wooden box, seaworthy packing, as required, etc.

Reinforcing welded mesh is widely used for concrete construction reinforcement, floor slabs reinforcement, brick wall reinforcement, in airport, tunnel, highway, bridge, wharf, footpaths, etc.

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