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RMC strengthens core strength of concrete

Reinforcing mesh cage (RMC), also called steel reinforcement cage or prefabricated cage, plays an important role in concrete building construction. As we all know that concrete and steel bars are commonly used together and they turn out to be a perfect combination. But more and more constructions need higher quality nowadays especially in some areas where extreme weather frequently occur. Reinforcing mesh cage is a better option in many cases because of its stronger structure.

Made of high strength steel or ligature, the cage is usually consisted of two parts: longitudinal bars and transverse bars (or spiral bars). Longitudinal bars serve to confine the core concrete, and the transverse bars or spiral bars fit around the longitudinal bars. The steel or ligature is then tied into proper place which can reinforce the longitudinal and lateral strength to prevent cracking, and reduce the deflections occurrence probability. The cage is laid out before the concrete is poured.

It can be made in different shapes that can fit any design of construction. Cylindrical, triangle, square, spiral or polygonal shapes are available in our company. We are also devoted to manufacturing other types according to your drawings.

One prefabricated cage made of 6 rectangle ligatures cross bundling
One prefabricated cage can be aligned before installation
One spiral reinforcing mesh cage with four longitudinal bars and one spiral bar
Spiral reinforcing mesh cage can be better used to strengthen the core concrete
One triangle and one square steel reinforcement cage made of ligatures and steel bars
Triangle and square reinforcing mesh cages
Many polygonal frame cages with thick longitudinal bars
Polygonal steel reinforcement cages have stronger structure


  • Material: 500MPa L grade high strength steel, low-carbon steel, hot-dipped steel.
  • Prefabricated cage: maximum width is 600mm, two or more can be piled up.
  • Spiral cage
    • Diameter is from 170mm to 450mm.
    • Spiral wire diameter ranges from 5mm to 16mm.
    • Spiral wire space ranges from 50mm to 500mm.
  • Cylindrical cage
    • Maximum diameter is 2500mm.
    • Cage length can reach 27m.
    • Maximum diameter of the longitudinal bar is 40mm.
  • Square cage: maximum width is 600mm.

We also offer other sizes according to different construction need.

For its special structure, steel reinforcement cage can get rid of site restrictions and provides flexibility and mobility of construction works. And it can strengthen compressive and transverse force of the column and speed up reinforced concrete structure installations.

Reinforcing mesh cages with different shapes can be applied in various types of constructions in residential, industrial and some other construction fields.

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