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Ribbed Trench Mesh for Footing Reinforcement

Trench mesh is one kind of reinforcing meshes which can be typically used in residential and industrial constructions to reinforce footings and beams. Manufactured from D500L ribbed steel wires, trench mesh is usually made in long and narrow sheet that can applied in narrow space construction.

We have many years' experience in manufacturing trench meshes available in various sizes and colors. Trench mesh sheets are usually made in 6m length, with different width varying from 200mm to 500mm depending on the number of main wires. The main wires (longitudinal wires) are at 50mm or 100mm apart (100mm commonly used). Cross wires are at 300mm apart. Main wire diameter is from 8mm to 16mm, cross wire diameter is 4mm or 5mm.


  • It can be used in narrow places for footing beams like trenches, walls or paths.
  • It is easy to transport, which may reduce construction cost.
  • Firm structure makes solid foundation that contribute to the whole construction.
Many trench meshes bundled up by tie wires
Many trench meshes laid in bundles
Schematic diagram of trench mesh with detailed introduction
Schematic diagram of trench mesh

Specification list
The specification below is a reference to your construction, other sizes are available, you can also make an order that applied to your own construction.

Trench mesh specification- standard length 6m
Product code Main wire Main wire diameter (mm) Cross wire diameter (mm) Width (mm)
L8TM3 3 Wire 8@100 4@300 200
L8TM4 4 Wire 8@100 4@300 300
L8TM5 5 Wire 8@100 4@300 400
L8TM6 6 Wire 8@100 4@300 500
L11TM3 3 Wire 11@100 4@300 200
L11TM4 4 Wire 11@100 5@300 300
L11TM5 5 Wire 11@100 5@300 400
L11TM6 6 Wire 11@100 5@300 500
L12TM3 3 Wire 12@100 5@300 200
L12TM4 4 Wire 12@100 5@300 300
L12TM5 5 Wire 12@100 5@300 400
L12TM6 6 Wire 12@100 5@300 500
L16TM3 3 Wire 16@100 5@300 200
L16TM4 4 Wire 16@100 5@300 300
L16TM5 5 Wire 16@100 5@300 400
L16TM6 6 Wire 16@100 5@300 500
Note: Take L8TM3 for example, product code means: L - ductility grade, 8 - diameter of main wire, 3 - the number of main wire.

Trench meshes are usually used in narrow places in residential and industrial buildings. And they can also be overlapped where needed. When two or even more trench meshes overlap together, there are mainly three ways of overlap. When two trench meshes overlap end to end, they need to overlap by at least 500mm for construction need. And the overlapped section should be tied with tie wires. When two trench meshes overlap like T or L, the intersection part should be the width of the trench mesh.

Two trench meshes joint end to end, overlap like T or L
Trench mesh overlapping ways in construction
One sample for trench mesh application
Trench mesh can be used in narrow places in construction

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