Reinforcement Trench Mesh for Concrete Construction

Trench mesh and Reinforced steel mesh - ideal solution for stronger construction.

Steel mesh and concrete have been a good combination in construction since at least the middle of 19th century. Steel mesh is good at withstanding tensile stress, while concrete is good at bearing compressive stress but lack of assistance to bending forces. Reinforced steel products can be installed inside the concrete, which makes the whole structure stronger.

Wennian specializes in:

many trench mesh panels piled up

Trench mesh

For the case you need to reinforce concrete in narrow places, trench mesh is specifically used for residential footings and beams. Trench mesh is usually manufactured with ribbed profile, which improves bonding to the concrete. If short, two trench meshes can be used by overlapping.

many welded reinforcing mesh panels piled up together

Welded reinforcing mesh panel

Reinforcing steel bars are welded together forming square or rectangular openings. The welding procedure is controlled by computer to ensure the quality of mesh panels. Welded reinforcing mesh panels improve the quality of engineering structures.

a prefabricated cage reinforcement with welded procedure

Reinforcing mesh cage

It is a prefabricated cage that can reduce complexity of placement. With reinforcing mesh cage, unskilled workers are also qualified for the fixing work. At the same time, prefabricated cage can avoid omissions or wrong use of steel bars on site. It improves work efficiency greatly.

Why choose Wennian reinforced steel products?

  • Full range
    We supply full range of reinforced steel products such as trench mesh, welded reinforcing mesh, masonry mesh, reinforcing mesh cage, etc. Any sizes or shapes can be designed according to your special requirement. We are also dedicated to developing new products meeting customers' different needs.
  • High quality
    From product design to producing procedure, even after-sale service, we all have strict monitoring to ensure good quality, which also brings good reputation for us. With technology innovation, we are offering more and more high quality reinforced steel products to the global market.
  • Competitive price
    We have good relationships with vendors which provide the most competitive price, so we can sell at the most competitive price meanwhile.
Hot Products

Trench Mesh

Used for reinforcing footing beams in narrow places, our 6m trench meshes with 0.2 - 0.5m width can be applied in different constructions.

Trench Mesh Spacer

Trench mesh spacer is an efficient way to form a rigid cage for foundation, reinforcing the whole strength of trench mesh.

Reinforcing Welded Mesh

Square and rectangular reinforcing welded meshes are commonly used to firm structure conveniently which improves efficiency of whole construction.

Reinforcing Mesh Cage

Great flexibility in use, various types of steel reinforcement cages are made to strengthen longitudinal and transverse force.